Broad strokes of Services that I offer.

Web Development

The Internet is what everyone turns to when they need a professional, reliable and local business. Ensure that your business stands out from the crowd, by allowing us to craft a beautiful place for it on the Internet.


Need to sell something online? Selling products online has never been easier or more cost effective than it is now. Increase you revenue by putting your products in front of more potential customers on the Web.


The majority of businesses need the ability to easily edit or add new content to their website. ExpressionEngine allows clients to accomplish this task easily and quickly without having to know any web code.

ExpressionEngine is the Content Management System that many top web professionals use to meet the demands of their clients. Its flexibility provides a website that will fulfill your specific needs and creative vision today, and can easily scale for your business needs tomorrow.


Where your website lives is very important. I lease stable, reliable and secure servers with plenty of bandwidth so no matter how much traffic your site gets, it will still perform lightning fast.


A few words about me.

While the sun is up I work full-time as a the lead web developer for a company in Northeast Ohio. I'm responsibility for maintaining and implementing new features. I run a freelance business that specializes in ExpressionEngine development and also offer maintenance, hosting and backup services for the clients that I service.


A few of the sites that I've been busy with.



Need help with a project? Get in touch with me and I'll give you a website that will help your business stand out from the compition!